Mutant City Blues: Season 1

I Was a Different Person Then

Episode 4

Monday dawns, and after complaining about the ordeal of Sunday Dinner with his mother, Sarantos hands off the Anthrophage video to Dr. David for her assessment of the mental state of killer. She agrees, provided the good detective joins her for a drink to present her findings.

While Nick handles the doctor, Simon goes through the process of issuing a Be-On-Look-Out for Terry Cable, the missing web spinner, since he’s been missing for the last two weeks. He also reaches out to the local birdwatching community with the isolated duck call from the anthrophage video, to see if they can identify the species.

The team to take a trip out to the Issaquah-Renton road, in order to meet with Terry Cable’s mother, Simone. She’s a bit of an oddity, a throwback to the 50s, with her bouffant hair and flowered house dress. She reassures the detectives that Terry is a nice boy, and wouldn’t have gotten into any trouble had it not been for the harlot he’d taken up with. After a quick bit of investigation, they uncover that Terry had been dating a waitress from the biker club “Two Steps Down” – Marcie Blunt.

On the way to Marcie Blunt’s, the detectives have a conversation about the ethics of x-ray vision, which once again (for them) veers into HR territory. And once again, Nick Sarantos had to append “please don’t report me to HR.”

Marcie is awakened from her mid-day slumber, because while she doesn’t work at the Two Steps Down any more, she does work the Brown Bull tavern. She talks about how she and Terry had been into drugs and violence for a while, but when they witnessed a double murder, they decided to go clean. Terry had some trouble coming clean, however, and had to deal with depression. She directed him to a Dr. Steiner, a psychologist who also helped her cousin recover, after a suicide attempt.

Curious by the mention of a double murder, the detectives cross-reference the history of crimes at the bar (Two Steps Down, in Kent) and find out that Leonard Wayne Lennard’s double homicide occurred at that location.

The detectives go back to the Mute-watcher, Hogarth, who is tapped in to the tightly-knit and extremely active community of Mute Watchers across the country. There are many theories surrounding the Anthrophage video ( despite the efforts of the police, it is still in circulation). The theories, mirror those put forward by the detectives – that this is clearly a different anthrophage than the first (two inches shorter, maybe 40 labs heavier). Many of them suspect possession, many more suspect copycat killers.

The birdwatchers come through, identify the duck call in question as a Northern Shoveler. Cross referencing Shoveled sightings with the rough time of the video, the isolate a lake in Duvall, WA. The team calls out to the local police, to ask them to check on the lake and see what’s in the area.

Dr. David meets with Nick for drinks, and shares her sense of the killer in the video. She feels that there are definite signs of Megalomania, but she also senses a case of invulnerability – this is not the killer who was pleading with the cops during the first Anthrophage case. This one feels unstoppable, and is taunting the cops. After they finish out their evening, Simon picks up Nick at Dr. David’s house for the new work day.


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