Anthrophage Case FIle

02 May, 2020: Short order cook Delma Black disappears after leaving work at the Eastern Diner (2nd and Vine, Belltown).

05 May, 2020: Landlady Roberta Warren complains to a tenant in her nearby building of strange smells emanating from her apartment. The tenant, Waldo Maclagan, responds rudely, but the smells soon cease and Warren thinks nothing further of it.

17 May, 2020: Residents of 37 Aldwych Crescent (Mercer Island), Mr. and Mrs. Julius Zadovsky, report prowler activity in their backyard. Police respond an hour later, find footprints in the garden, but no sign of an intruder.

19 May, 2020: Investment banker Morgan Cook, late to a dinner party at 37 Aldwych, calls police to report signs of a break-in. The Zadovskys and two other guests, Bill Thorley and Kika Bard, are missing. Blood spatter and evidence of concussion beam activity are found at the scene. The words END OF TIME are scrawled on a wall in a blood, along with a strange symbol like a devouring happy face.

31 May, 2020: Roberta Warren finds that Maclagan has abandoned his apartment, after leaving it spotlessly cleaned.

03 Jun, 2020: A box delivered to King5 News contains the left hand of Julius Zadovsky, along with DVD video of the torture-murder of Kika Bard.

07 June, 2020: Jeweler Amandine Warren is accosted while jogging not far from Aldwych Crescent by a man in a van, who appears to be wearing a mask. She flees to a neighbor’s yard; the van pursues but is stopped by a fence in front of 140 Northcote Rd.

12 June, 2020: Courier Bernard Leichter goes missing while his delivery vehicle idles in front of an office tower.

14 June, 2020: In a message uploaded to YouTube, a masked individual calling himself the Anthrophage claims responsibility for the murders of Julius and Deann Zadovksy, Bill Zhorley, and Bernard Leichter. His voice is electronically distorted.

16 July, 2020: A maid shows up for work at 140 Northcote Road (site of Amandine Warren’s escape) to find the front door open and residents Bart (42), Colleen (36), Emily (12) and Caden Guest (7) all missing. Signs of concussion beam use are found at the scene. Again a message is scrawled on the wall (DOOM EVER CLOSER) along with the devouring happy face character.

28 July, 2020: In a second Anthrophage video, the masked man claims to have eaten portions of his victims and proclaims himself the “harbinger of a new apocalypse.” He calls on his fellow mutants to rise up and devour the non-enhanced.

29 July, 2020: In three separate incidents, suspected mutants are attacked by mobs. In each case, instigators of the incident believed them to be the Anthrophage. All are subsequently cleared.

July – August: Atmosphere of fear breeds a string of violent incidents throughout the city. Businesses close early. Tourism plummets. Retired policeman are recalled to active duty to boost patrols.

09 Aug, 2020: Real estate broker Joanna Painter is reported missing by her husband, after failing to return from a house showing.

12 Aug, 2020: In a third video, the Anthrophage briefly tastes a plate of pasta, then says, “Mmm, tastes like real estate agent.” He then announces that he intends to “move up the food chain to someone everyone has heard of.”

17 Aug, 2020: Enhanced bodyguards of Dr. Lucius Quade spot a masked prowler on the grounds of his estate. They give chase; he eludes them, but one of them, Annice “Ebony Avenger” Beedell, reads his mind, seeing a cinderblock building obscured by willow

18 Aug, 2020: A police sketch artist’s rendition of the scene caught by Beedell is broadcast to the media.

19 Aug, 2020: An incoherent, possibly intoxicated Anthrophage appears in a final video, denying that he ever consumed the flesh of his victims, and offering a year-long truce if police stop looking for him.

20 Aug, 2020: An anonymous tip identifies the building in the sketch as occupying a small lot on the outskirts of Duvall, WA. State and local police coordinate a raid on the property, apprehending Waldo Maclagan. He injures several officers with his concussion powers before being subdued by a water blast.

21 Aug, 2020: Maclagan denies being the Anthrophage, despite the discovery of partial human remains on his property.

In the weeks that follow, forensic scientists match body parts found on his property to the Zadovskys, Bill Thorley, and three members of the Guest family.

17 Sep, 2020: Maclagan requests a new interview with police, and confesses to the six murders that can be directly tied to him by forensic evidence. He does not confess to other disappearances clearly connected to those crimes.

04 Apr, 2021: Maclagan is convicted of the killings mentioned in his confession and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole. The Painter, Black and Leichtner murders remain technically open but are no longer actively pursued. Maclagan begins his sentence at the Kane Correctional Facility, isolated from the general population.

Oct 23, 2022: In a television interview with television reporter Tod Stahl, Maclagan recants his confession.

26 Feb, 2023: Maclagan is stabbed to death by fellow inmate Leonard Wayne Lennard.

28 Feb,2023: Lennard confesses to the murder, claiming that he won Maclagan’s trust over a period of months, “until he knew everything about him,” then got close enough to him to shank him with a melted tooth brush.

Anthrophage Case FIle

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