Simon Bolifant

Eager, but a bit paranoid


Simon is an HCIU detective, with powers largely centered around not being detected in various ways – invisibility, shape changing, etc.

His teenage years were difficult, gay and growing up in a religiously conservative town, and he firmly believes that his powers manifested from his fears at that time – he wanted nothing more that to be invisible and unnoticed. He strongly believes this is true for nearly all affected people – that the type of their power is manifest through their subconscious desires and needs, even if they aren’t aware of this themselves.


Simon grew up in a small Kansas town, by all accounts the typical “All American”, playing football and basketball for the local schools. As he grew he realized something was wrong with him, and it took him years for him to come to grips with his problem; he was gay. He realized this as he was down with the ghost flu and had time to himself while he recovered. Or did the ghost flu make him gay? No, he was feeling weird before that, but couldn’t really internalize it – how could he be gay when he’d been dating most of the cheer squads?

Simon’s parents would be supportive, he knew, but also knew that the town itself wouldn’t be kind, to him, his parents, or his little sister. He couldn’t tell anyone until he left for college to somewhere that was more accepting. Somewhere like Seattle?

The next few years were hard on Simon, before graduation and leaving for Seattle, and suppressing his internal self caused him to ratchet into more and more destructive behaviors, along with depression and some paranoia from his worries about being “found out”. “Found out” in Simon’s mind often conflated the two issues he was wrestling with – both his sexuality and his growing powers.

College in Seattle helped him rebalance, though he stayed relatively alone, unsure how to trust anyone with either of his secrets (though he still often merged them into one) after years of not trusting anyone. As the years wore on, he slowly opened up and they became less of a burden to him, though he still is in constant worry about the “wrong” person finding something out about him, so he rarely is the first to open up about anything, even with people who are otherwise close to him. He’s not closeted, as such, but he’s rare to be fully open with someone new.

Simon Bolifant

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