Niko Sarantos


As a person Niko Sarantos’ charm is exceeded only by his self destructive nature. As a police detective his effectiveness is exceeded only by his inability to play nice with others. Niko is equal parts womanizer, addict and asshole, but as a detective he has closed a number of high profile cases, so rather than being punted from the force he has been transferred from precinct to precinct as his successive supervisors tried to make him someone else’s problem. In the rare moments when he cares enough to think about it, Niko realizes the South Precinct is likely his last chance to get his shit together.

Niko is a Seattle native of Greek descent who grew up in the Rainier Valley neighborhood. His father was a prick who died in a car accident when he was a kid and his mother, Calla Sarantos, tried but could not handle young Niko’s temper and rash behavior. His uncle, Alex Petrakis, was a Seattle beat cop and the only stabilizing force in Niko’s early life and certainly the reason Niko became a policeman himself. As with all his relationships, Niko’s connection to his family is volatile, but he is uncharacteristically dedicated to their Sunday dinner tradition.

When Niko’s powers manifested five years ago he thought they would solve everything – that he would suddenly become a supercop who couldn’t help but finally get everything right. Unsurprisingly to everyone but Niko, his powers only made things worse – raising the expectations of many while simultaneously lowering those of everyone else. He was soon transferred to HCIU where his career became – surprise, surprise – even more turbulent.

Niko does not quite know what to make of Bolifant. Deep down Niko knows he is on thin ice with the department and that Bolifant must have pissed someone off to get partnered up with him. He also knows that Bolifant is part of his last chance so he has to do right by the guy. Truth is, Niko actually respects Bolifant and has developed a deep but unacknowledged loyalty to his partner, in part because of that mess on the waterfront last year, but mostly because he seems to be the only person in the department who actually has Niko’s back.

Niko Sarantos

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