Lt. Sean Bevan

HCIU Watch Commander


The Youngest Watch Commander in the HCIU, Sean Bevan is tipped for a career in the Seattle PD’s top brass. Almost as soon as he exited the police academy, Bevan ingratiated himself to the mayor, and earned a cushy job as the mayor’s driver. He has since parlayed his connections into a series of high-profile assignments, leading him to the HCIU itself.

While his clearance rate isn’t as high as Lt. Perreau’s, he’s well known in the department as the guy the politicos go to when they need something handled quietly, or with media savvy. On the plus side, his contacts throughout the city mean that he can pull strings for his detectives. On the downside, it’s well known that he never forgets a favor, and he never does anything for free.


Lt. Sean Bevan

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