Leonard Wayne Lennard

Convict and Murderer


Although Kane Correctional is known mostly for enhanced prisoners, it’s also a maximum
security unit for especially dangerous DNAS criminals. Lennard seems proud that he qualifies to be incarcerated with superpowered inmates.

He’s serving a life sentence for killing three members of a rival biker gang, armed only with
an ashtray and a broken pool cue.

Getting close to Maclagan took some doing. He was in the isolation wing, he was paranoid
someone would kill him, and he was capable of firing concussion beams.

Lennard, who was detailed to cleaning duty in the isolation wing, had to wage a lengthy
campaign to befriend him.

As Maclagan grew to trust him, Lennard tried to get him to recount his experiences as the
Anthrophage. But the funny thing was that Waldo didn’t seem to remember much of it. He
talked about what he did as if it had happened to somebody else, or wasn’t his idea.

The one thing Maclagan regretted about his murder spree was how he disappointed his
poor mother. He told the cops and reporters that his mother had passed away, and nobody
double-checked. Apparently she reverted to her maiden name and still lives in the old neighborhood. When Lennard shanked him, he was trying to find a way to arrange a visit without anyone finding out who she really was. If there’s anybody Leonard Wayne Lennard
hates, it’s a got-dang mama’s boy.

Leonard Wayne Lennard

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