Mutant City Blues: Season 1

We are the Virus

Episode 5

“It’s an Unkindest of ravens, but what do you call a group of ducks?”
“Its a pens of dicks”

Duvall Police come back with two sheds on the lake, but haven’t enough information to determine if or which might be involved in the video. Detective Sarantos identifies the lighting in the video as high quality, coming from two sources behind the camera. It’s possible one is window, but it’s hard to tell.

Head to Duvall, investigate the
Lionel Bergeron, Emma and Christa (KIA).

Call the Lt. worried that they had been drawn to the accident specifically to create a victim trail.

In Duvall find the shed. Set up electronic surveillance. watch from hotel. Find a guy who came home and opens the shed. Lionel cleans the shed, they watch (and use illusion to hide the camera). Goes inside and watches TV with wife, and then go to bed.

The break in to the house, and grab their data. Has been seeing Dr. Steiner since the death of his daughter.


john_c_hay john_c_hay

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