Mutant City Blues: Season 1

Terror at Columbia Center

Episode 1

Detectives Sarantos and Bolifant are called in to handle a hostage situation at 5th and Columbia. They arrive on the scene and are briefed by the tactical commander, Lt Ken Swailes (Niko’s old watch commander in the West Precinct) and hostage negotiator Lauryn Pritchard:
Jarred Whitten, an Article 18 registered gene-expressive with Self-Detonation and Radiation Projection powers with no prior history has taken control of a city bus that is parked across the intersection at 5th and Columbia. He has the bus windows paper over, but Simon is able to use his X-Ray vision and identify that Jarred is in the center of the back half of the bus, with the remaining 20 hostages crammed around him as a human shield. His demands are for a helicopter to fly him to the United Nations building, as well as the immediate cessation of chlorination and fluoridation of water. Lastly he would like Paris Hilton to stop stalking him and be charged for her crimes against him.
The detectives manage to free the hostages, and Niko projects a force field around Jarred before he explodes. The collected remnants are taken to HCIU headquarters and placed in the “blammo room” for when Jarred reforms. In the process, Niko is televised using his teleportation ability, and has to call his handler, Carol, at DHS to report in. despite the harried week, he does manage to secure an evening with Carol the following day.
While they wait for Jarred to re-form, Simon and Niko head to the perp’s address. The address on file with DHS is out of date, leading to a condemned building, but the are able to use phone records to identify his current apartment – an illegal basement apartment in Burien. Whitten’s possessions are meager, consisting of an old TV and a number of physical books (a combination of westerns and home improvement manuals). While there is no address book, the top drawer of his dresser is crowded with check stubs and post-it notes detailing old jobs he’s done. The detectives also find a record of Jarred’s current doctor, Jillian Wortman, and a post-it note with several scratched out phone numbers labeled “Dad.”
The detectives head to Cole Whitten’s apartment in SODO, and intimidate him into talking about his son – while it’s not much, he provides a sterling example of how not to parent, talking about his son as a disappointment, and that he’s had almost no contact with him for the last 6 years.


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