Mutant City Blues: Season 1

Sequel Time

Episode 3

Detectives Sarantos and Bolifant examine the scene of the “suspected” Anthrophage murder, and uncover addition clues regarding the nature of the crimes. If not outright murdered in the living room, both victims were certainly tortured at length there. Further, the pizza was ordered from Linette’s iPad well after both victims had been tortured. They are able to collect one anomalous print from the device.

The detectives investigate the scene and confront mute watcher Ernest Hogarth.

Get confronted by Deakins

Visit Luis Martinez (former gang-banger, web-slinger).

Terry Cable, missing person 1 week, Web Slinger

Talk to Dr. Sandhu. Memory Alteration as a possible diagnosis


john_c_hay john_c_hay

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